v0.8.0 release notes!

Hey everyone

What's new?

  • Added a cutscene once you've beaten the warehouse.
    • Dustin will hang out outside the Warehouse while you're in there.
  • Readied the corporate interior for its part of the story.
  • Added pipes, utility control panels, and a new shortcut to the hotel basement.
  • Replaced all doors and stairs with brand-new assets.

Fixes & updates:

  • Outdoor shadows have been redone with a more natural look.
  • Indoor wall textures have been updated with more detail.
  • Adjusted the probability of the player getting certain status conditions.
  • Adjusted the frequency of certain moves in the Living Mannequin's moveset.
  • Updated breathing animations on several enemies.
  • Salesmon's Special Offer now works as intended.
  • More moves have been recolored and given SFX.
  • Removed overworld weapon switching UI.

Last time: 

  • HP gauges and similar have more flavor.
  • Popups like CRITICAL and WEAKNESS have been adjusted to use a different font
    • Weakness and resistance popups have been changed to say things like "Ouch!" or "Not Bad…"
  • The stone tablets blocking the forest shrine are written in a strange script.
  • New power lines cross over the whole city and extend into the outer wilds. You can follow a power line back to civilization if you ever get lost.
  • Much of the city has been updated or changed, especially in the western half.
  • More detail and greenery has been added to the western half of the map in general
  • 2 new life shards to go find
  • Very broken rough version of the snake tower. Feel free to check it out but be prepared to get stuck.
  • What to test:

    • Fight as many different enemies as you can at as many different levels as you can. 
      • Do any enemy movesets stand out as being too overpowered or using status moves too much?
    • Try out the dungeon challenges for the hotel, mall, and warehouse. 
      • Were you able to find your way there? 
      • Was there anything that was too confusing or difficult? 
      • Was the boss fight any good?
    • Explore the overworld and caves
      • How far can you get without the proper equipment?
      • Did you get stuck anywhere?
      • Did you get lost?
      • Are there any areas that are missing something?
      • Are there any areas that look bad?

    Complete(ish) Content & features:

    • At least 6 hours of combined story and side content
    • Dungeon 1: Hotel
    • Dungeon 2: Mall
    • Dungeon 3: Warehouse
    • 9/13 Shadows of Men
    • Enough Life Shards to reach 9 lives
    • Large open world
    • Forest mini dungeon
    • Winding cave system
    • Your equipment opens up different areas and capabilities
    • Put together the perfect moveset by combining your favorite equipment
    • Use weapons like the Torch, Rocket Launcher, and Muchetti to clear objects that block your path
    • Over 40 enemies
    • Ability to gain a certain Ratcat as a party member
    • Ability to gain a certain shopkeeper as a party member
    • Ability to choose between one of four different player appearances.

    Known Issues:

    • The game will crash if you open the menu or try to shop while the boyfriend is in your party.
    • Level up screen has some dark on dark elements
    • certain climbing ropes have glitchy behavior when climbing upward
    • Some NPCs in the hotel have a strange voice
    • Some dialogue boxes appear over the head of characters and some don't.
    • Some cave areas are barebones
    • You cannot visit the Heart Rose guy at his apartment.
    • If you lose to certain enemies, the game might act like you died twice.
      • Please comment or message me if you find one that does this
    • Additional party member graphics are incomplete
    • Graphical issues with some outdoor tiles & fences
    • There is a slight “jump“ as you cross over into a new area
    • There is one specific tile in the warehouse that may crash the game when stepped on.
    • Deluxe Brownies in the mall might appear a full tile higher than where they should.
    • If you have a weapon with a field move equipped, it can be very hard to speak to shopkeepers.


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