patch 0.7.8d

What's new?

  • HP gauges and similar have more flavor.
  • Popups like CRITICAL and WEAKNESS have been adjusted to use a different font
    • Weakness and resistance popups have been changed to say things like "Ouch!" or "Not Bad…"
  • The stone tablets blocking the forest shrine are written in a strange script.

Fixes & updates:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to respawn in place when outdoors
  • Fixed an issue that would cause battles to frequently softlock
  • Fixed an issue that would cause blue chairs to be pushed twice.
  • Warehouse ladders look nicer
  • Adjusted the priority speed of most moves
  • Increased the power of 100TP moves.
  • Glitter now just lowers accuracy instead of also making you attack yourself.


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82 days ago
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82 days ago

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