I am once again doing so much between updates that we have landed ad a c version.

What's new?

  • New power lines cross over the whole city and extend into the outer wilds. You can follow a power line back to civilization if you ever get lost.
  • Much of the city has been updated or changed, especially in the western half.
  • More detail and greenery has been added to the western half of the map in general
  • 2 new life shards to go find
  • Very broken rough version of the snake tower. Feel free to check it out but be prepared to get stuck.

Fixes & updates:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from getting the Marvelous Dress
  • Plants and rocks have been re-shaded to match newer assets
  • Slight screen shake when jumping and swinging your weapon for added physicality.
  • climbing ropes look much nicer


Partridge Valley 0-7-8c mac.zip 638 MB
85 days ago
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85 days ago

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