This version is backwards compatible to 0.7.6

v0.7.7b Release notes:

What's new?

  • New and improved touch controls.
    • drag around the screen to move
    • tap on the right portion to interact
    • tap on the clock or with two fingers to open the menu
      • tapping with two fingers goes back on all inner screens
    • tap on the weapon switcher to switch weapons
    • controls can be simplified by hiding the buttons
  • Corporate office interiors are getting better!
    • 1F: lobby & sales
    • 2F: marketing & break room
    • 4F: Boardroom
    • Blackout mode at night
  • VFX have been updated for every move
    • Some need to be recolored and many need SFX still
  • New Options screen

Fixes & updates:

  • Updated to the latest version of nw.js for some slight performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Jump and menu have been reverted to Q and X respectively.
  • New messaging system
    • sound effects play while characters are talking
    • Formerly blurred dark text backgrounds are now light
  • New level up screen
  • Added detail to the northwest side of the map
  • Improved overworld map culling for better performance
  • Adjusted how likely some moves are to give a status conditon

What to test:

  • Are there any enemies that seem to kick your ass unfairly?
    • Any moves that give a status condition too easily?
  • Explore the caves and let me know if you get stuck anywhere!
  • Are there any parts where you can see the edge of the map when you shouldn't be able to?


Partridge Valley 0-7-7b mac.zip 550 MB
Feb 17, 2023
Partridge Valley 0-7-7b win.zip 460 MB
Feb 17, 2023

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