UPDATE 0.7.6!

⚠️ Due to the large number of changes in this version, it is not backwards compatible with older saves.

v0.7.6 Release notes:

What's new?

  • All enemies how have 10-15 moves they can learn by leveling up.
  • There are now 11 moves for each type, not counting signature moves
  • Each type now has 2 status effects associated with it
  • The player character learns a few new moves by leveling up
  • Orbs now give you different moves when equipped
  • Enemies have sets of weaknesses and resistances based on the kind of enemy they are (natural/organic, manmade, supernatural, or mythical) as well as their associated type (fire, earth, toxic, dark, etc)
  • Fully animated (placeholder) player back sprites

Fixes & updates:

    • WASD movement (in addition to arrows), X now jumps, Q now opens the menu, E now switches weapons
  • The warehouse and factory now put you out in front of their exits.
  • Adjusted player character stats to be a little bit higher
  • Tweaked some enemy stats
  • Enemies will wait for you to be done with a menu before attacking
  • Addressed an issue that would cause extreme lag when exiting into the outdoors


Partridge Valley 0-7-6 mac.zip 526 MB
Jan 31, 2023
Partridge Valley 0-7-6 win.zip 405 MB
Jan 31, 2023

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